Composting Pig Manure

Nowadays, there are much pig farm in the world. And it is a great problem for your pig farm to get rid of the large amount of pig waste. Composting pig manure is an effective way to recycle pig manure in your farm. This type of animal waste is easy to finish fermentation. It will be better for you to industrialize the composting. Shunxin provides you whole set of pig dung fertilizer machine and process for your composting and even pig manure pellet making. Whether you want to buy machines for large or small scale pig farm, we can meet your needs. Especially, our products are high-quality at favorable prices.

large scale turner machine for composting pig manure
large scale turner machine for composting pig manure

Large scale turner machine for composting pig manure

Turning depth: 1.5-3m

Turning span: ≤30m

Advantages: Highly automatic, energy-saving…

Color: red(can be customized)

Application: composting organic wastes to fertilizer

Why can you compost pig manure as fertilizer?

Pig manure is feces of pig. There are many nutritive elements in the pig litter. It is rich in cellulose, hemicellulose, protein, fats, organic acids, inorganic salt, etc. There will be much humus once you finish composting pig manure. What’s more, the C/N ratio of pig manure is low and there are much ammonifying bacteria, which speeds up composting. After the composting, it is applicable for you to use organic pig manure as fertilizers. Especially, pig manure fertilizer is helpful for improving the capacity of water and nutrient preserving. It is wise for you to compost pig waste for recycling your pig farm waste. Through the composting, you can turn nutritive pig manure composition into high-quality organic fertilizers.

groove type pig waste compost making machine
groove type pig waste compost making machine

groove type pig waste compost making machine for sale

Model: SX-3000

Main Power: 18.5kw

Mobile Power: 1.5kw

Lift Power: 1.1kw

Application: Turning the compost on the groove

How to compost pig manure?

Composting pig manure is key for making pig litter available. Shunxin machines can help you make pig manure compost in a short time for your pig farm waste recycling. Here you will know the details about process for composting pig manure.

Collecting suitable pig waste

In your pig farm, there will be much pig waste generated per day. According to your farm scale, you should have a plan about the volume of manure materials you want to compost. And then collect them together for preparation of composting.

Dehydrate manure by pig manure separator

Generally, the fresh pig litter is admixture of swine urine and solid manure. It is necessary for you to dewater the fresh waste before composting. Shunxin manure separator machine can help you separate liquid from solid pig manure. And it is alternative for you to controlling the moisture content of dehydrated manure.

pig manure separator
pig manure separator

Pig manure separator for sale

Model: SX-180

Main Power(kw): 4

Pump Power(kw): 2.2

Vibrating power: /

Voltage(v): 380


Making compost with turner machine or manure tank

As long as the moisture content of pig waste is suitable for composting, it is time for you to make them into organic pig manure compost. With the help of Shunxin pig manure compost making machines, you can get well composted pig manure compost in a short time. Here Shunxin recommends you two types of manure composting machines for you to ferment pig waste: pig litter compost turner machine and manure tank for sale.

If you use pig litter compost fertilizer turning machine, you can put your pig waste materials in one or more grooves. And then turn them regularly. 20 days later, the whole composting is finished. Besides, it is alternative for you to adopt windrow type composting. There are also windrow compost turning machine for your pig waste composting.

If you think the compost turner is too troublesome for you to turn materials, the manure tank will be a good choice for you. It has larger production capacity than pig manure compost turning equipment. Meanwhile, this machine can help you finish fermentation in only 10 days and even 7 days. There is automatic stirring system inside the cylinder of pig manure fermentation tank. Thus, you do not need to turn or stir pig litter. And then it is alternative for you to make pig manure fertilizer powder or pellets.

fermentation pig manure tank
fermentation pig manure tank

Small pig manure fertilizer machine for composting pig manure

As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, Shunxin has different equipment configurations for different customers’ requirements. For your small pig farm, we have small pig manure fertilizer machine for you to deal with pig waste.

Moving type compost machine for small scale pig waste composting

The moving type pig waste composting turner machine has small size, and it is easy for you to operate. Its moving and turning are controlled by a driver. Because of its small size, if your farm has less space for composting, this machine will be a suitable choice. For your information, it is a windrow turner. Thus, you should make windrows for composting better.

small moving type pig manure turner machine
small moving type pig manure turner machine

Small moving type pig manure turner machine for sale

Model: SXM-240

Compost Width: 2.6m

Compost Height: 0.8-1.2m

Moving Speed: 4.5-5.5m/min(adjustable)

Color: red(can be customized)

Multi-functional compost turner with small production capacity

This multi-functional turner machine has small production capacity, whose smallest yield is about 500kg. It turns your pig manure materials in a bucket. Because there is a bucket in front of the car body, it is also called forklift type compost machinery. What’s more, you can use it as a forklift for transporting the pig manure.

Organic pig manure pellet production

If you want to make high-quality organic pig manure, it is applicable for you to make them into pig waste fertilizer granules. Granulation equipment is key in this pig manure pellet making process. There are pan manure fertilizer granulation machine, new patent organic pig waste fertilizer pelletizer and large scale drum fertilizer granulator for you to make pellets. For your information, if is also applicable for you to add some other nutritive elements before granulation. For more details, please contact us.

multi-functional turner machine for pig manure compost making
multi-functional turner machine for pig manure compost making

pig litter fertilizer pellet making machine
pig litter fertilizer pellet making machine

How much is the price of machines for composting pig manure?

Composting pig manure, the main equipment is pig waste compost making machine: compost turner or fermentation tank. There are windrow turner and trench type compost turning machine in Shunxin for you to use in pig manure compost fertilizer making process. Generally, the windrow turner is more economic than trench type turning machine. As for the fermentation tank, if you have a large number of pig manure for composting, this machine will be more economic than turner equipment. And because of its short fermentation period, you can get profits quicklier than using pig waste compost turners.

Besides, if you are going to make high-quality pig manure powder or granules, the cost will be more, too. And the different configurations of processing machine also have different prices. If you want to know detailed price list, please contact us and we can provide detailed information about machines and prices. But we can promise that our machines are high-quality at factory price because all the products are manufactured by our own factory.

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