Manure Dryer Machine

In manure fertilizer production line, a manure dryer equipment plays an important role for making pelleted organic manure fertilizer more convenient for transporting and storing. Making organic manure granules needs high temperature. Meanwhile, because of the wet granulation technology, the pelleted organic manure will be high moisture. The manure drying equipment is often used with a cooling machine for drying and cooling fertilizer granular. Using these two machines, your fertilizer granules will be in a good status for you to transport and store. Moreover, it is also suitable for you to dry fresh manure. For making it works better, we use advanced design when manufacturing. Besides, if you have any requirements on machine, it is applicable to customize for you.

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How can you use a manure dryer machine for making money?

A manure dyer can be used for drying fresh manure. Meanwhile, it can also help you process organic manure fertilizer granules. In your manure farm, the large amount of animal waste is a great problem. How to make them available? There are two methods for you to use our manure drying system for turning them into money.

Dry your fresh manure

Because of the high moisture content, your animal manure will be difficult for you to transport or store. What’s more, there will be stinks. With a manure dryer, you can dry high moisture fresh manure. And then the moisture content will be about 13%, which is suitable for storing. It is alternative for you to selling, storing or processing the dry manure.

Dry your pelleted organic manure

Animal waste is good material for making organic fertilizer. You can make animal waste into available organic manure fertilizer. There are various manure pellet making machines for you to choose. The organic manure granulators employ wet granulation technology for pelletizing. Thus, the granulated organic manure fertilizer granular are wet. And then you need a manure drying facility for lowering its moisture. Meanwhile, if you equip a cooler machine with dryer, the effects will be better. You can get organic manure, which is suitable for your selling, storing and transporting.

Manure drying equipment
Manure drying equipment

Manure fertilizer dried by fertilizer drying machine
Manure fertilizer dried by fertilizer drying machine

How do we manufacture transmission actuator of manure dryer machine?

Our rotating manure drying system consists of cylinder, front roller ring, rear roller ring, gear, baffle roller, drag roller, pinion, discharge part, lift plate, reducer, motor, hot air duct, feed chute, furnace body and other parts. Transmission actuator is a main part of manure dryer. It is important for drying to keep the machine runs stably. Thus, we manufacture transmission actuator with reasonable design.

  • The deceleration system is suitable. Driving motor rotates quickly. While, when the drying machine rotates slowly, it is important to use a suitable deceleration system for controlling it.
  • The components meet drying requirements. Because of the large size of manure drying equipment, the components should meet the requirements for dryer rotating.
  • We use suitable electric motor. When you start machine, the dryer should overcome not only frictional force between riding wheel and bearings, but also inertia force between cylinder and manure materials. Thus, the electric motor should be suitable.
  • Our manure drying facility can rotate quickly and slowly. Because of the different fuel and material, the rotating speed of manure drum dryer should be adjustable.

How does each part of manure drying machine work for drying manure?

How to choose suitable fuel for manure dryer machine?

If you want to use Shunxin dryer to dry manure, you should have suitable fuel for supplying heat. Here are some suggestions for you to choose suitable fuels.

  • Fuel should be environment-friendly. You had better not use the fuels, which will cause stinks or smoke when burning. For protecting environment, environment-friendly fuel will be more suitable.
  • It will be better if you use economic fuel. Drying manure needs lots of fuel for drying. Thus, it will reduce you cost if you choose economic fuel.
  • It is important for you to use safe materials as fuel.

From the above, we recommend you that you can use oil, gas, bio-mass fuel and coal for drying. If you use oil or gas as fuel, you can use our burner for supporting heat.

Shunxin manure drying system installs for our customer

Where can you use manure dryer machine?

manure dryers has wide applicability. It is available for you to use it in many fields. You can use it not only for drying fresh manure or pelleted organic manure fertilizer granular, but also for chemical, agriculture, feed making. Moreover, if there are some materials, which has special requirements for drying, Shunxin drying machine will be suitable.

  1. Chemical, mining, metallurgy and other industries. Such as ore, slag, coal, metal powder, clay, diatomite, kaolin.
  2. Agricultural, feed and fertilizer industries. Such as straw, grass, leaves, fish meal, corn paste, starch residue, distillers’ grains, pharmaceutical residue, fruit residue, soy sauce residue, bagasse, straw, organic compound fertilizer, sludge, aquatic product waste, food factory waste, slaughtering factory waste, organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, phosphate ammonium sulfide.
  3. Dry powdery and granular materials with special requirements. Such as all kinds of crystals, light calcium carbonate, active clay, magnetic powder, graphite, inorganic mud, clay, lime slurry, ore mud, phosphorus slag, aluminum plant red mud.

Manure dryer machine
Manure dryer machine

Manure dryer machine for sale

Model: SXHG-0808

Power: 5.5kw

Capacity: 1-2t/h

Rotating Speed: 6(r/min)

Installation Angle: 3°-5°

How much is a manure dryer machine?

Shunxin is a fertilizer equipment company, who has its own factory for manufacturing manure dryer. Our drying machine has various specifications. Whether you want small scale dryer or large capacity drying machine for your manure drying requirements, we can meet your needs. The manure fertilizer drying equipment has different prices. If you choose the large one, it will cost you more than the small one. Besides, if you have some other requirements on machine, we can customize for you. The cost will depend on yourself. Meanwhile, we can provide you satisfying equipment at favorable price.

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