Poultry Litter Equipment

Poultry litter equipment is mainly used for making poultry litter waste into organic fertilizer. If you throw poultry waste away, it not only pollutes the environment. Meanwhile, you will lose a chance for making money. Poultry manure is rich in organic matters, which is suitable for making organic fertilizer. With a poultry waste fertilizer making line, you can get not only organic poultry manure fertilizer, but also organic compound fertilizer. Besides, it is applicable for you to make fertilizer with some other materials by our machines.

poultry litter equipment
poultry litter equipment

How does poultry litter equipment process granular organic fertilizers?

If you want to make organic poultry manure fertilizer, it is essential for you to equip with our equipment. We can provide you complete poultry waste fertilizer making machines. Here you can know how to use poultry poo fertilizer processing equipment for making fertilizers.

    1. Dewatering fresh poultry dung is the first step. There are poultry manure dewatering machine for you to dry them.
    2. The fresh poultry litter has too much harmful bacteria. Composting can make your organic poultry litter available for fertilizing. It is applicable for you to use our compost turners or poultry poo fermentation tanks for eliminating them.
    3. Whether you want to make organic fertilizer powders or granules, there are manure compost pulverizers for you to crush powder.
    4. If you want to make granules, you can use our blending machine for mixing your powdery poultry manure evenly.
    5. In an organic poultry litter fertilizer granular making line, it is necessary for you to buy a poultry manure fertilizer pellet machine. With a fertilizer pelletizer, you can make your powdery materials into ideal pellets easily.
    6. After the granulation, there are something you can do for making your pelleted poultry poo be more fertile. Meanwhile, it will be more convenient for you to transport and store them. For your information, our company manufactures drying, cooling and coating machines for you to realize better production effects.
    7. Before your coating, screening the poultry poo fertilizer granular can reduce your time and costs on unqualified fertilizer granules. With screeners, you can select them conveniently.
    8. After all these processes finished, it is time for you to pack your finished poultry manure products. Our poultry manure fertilizer bagging equipment can help you with high accuracy and production efficiency.

Working video about the organic poultry litter equipment processing

Small scale modern machines for you to make poultry waste fertilizer

For small scale poultry farm, we also have suitable poultry litter equipment for your reference.

Small scale poultry waste compost making machine

Making composts is a key process for turning poultry waste into available organic fertilizer. We have small scale poultry poo compost turning equipment for your requirements. This small-scale turner machine for your poultry litter composting can not only turn your materials, but also crush them.

Poultry manure pulverizer for sale

A pulverizing machine can crush your poultry poo materials into fine powders. Though the small-scale compost turner can crush materials, there are still some agglomerations you should crush. With this crusher, you can pulverize them easily.

compost turning equipment for small scale poultry manure composting line
compost turning equipment for small scale poultry manure composting line

poultry manure compost pulverizer
poultry manure compost pulverizer

Hot sale small size poultry poo fertilizer granulation machine

Granulator plays an important part in fertilizer granular making process. For your small-scale poultry litter fertilizer manufacturing requirements, it is alternative for you to use our pan fertilizer pelletizer or new designed poultry poo fertilizer dedicated granulating machine. Both of these two granulators have high granulation rate. Thus, it can bring you much economic efficiency.

Poultry litter fertilizer packaging machine for sale

Manure bagging scales adopts PLC technology for you to operate it conveniently. Meanwhile, it can pack your poultry manure fertilizer granules with high working efficiency and accuracy.

0.5 ton poultry manure granulator
0.5 ton poultry manure granulator

How does poultry litter equipment help you compost well?

Making composts, you can use our poultry waste dewatering machine and compost turner equipment. These two machines can help you make composts with high efficiency. Then what is the process?

  1. Because of the high water-content of organic poultry dung, you had better dewater it for making it suitable for composting. This solid-liquid separator machine uses screw press force for drying. With this machine, you can get both solid and liquid poultry litter.
  2. And then it is applicable for you to use these dewatered poultry waste for composting. If you use our poultry litter windrowing compost equipment, it only needs a driver for operating it. You can turn the ranked windrows in the cab. It is suitable for you to turn these materials about 3 days a week. For your information, it is applicable if you add some accessories into the materials, such as straw, leaves and so on. Meanwhile, we can provide straw crusher for you to crush accessories.

poultry litter compost machine
poultry litter compost machine

Poultry litter compost machine for sale

Model: SXLDF-2300

Turning Width: 2.3m

Turning Height: 0.6-1m

Row Spacing: 0.8-1m

Power: 75kw

What fertilizer can you make with poultry litter equipment?

With organic poultry waste fertilizer processing facilities, there are many types of fertilizers you can produce. It is suitable for you to make organic fertilizer with various organic manure materials.

  • Pig poo fertilizer.
  • Cow dung manure fertilizer.
  • Horse litter manure.
  • Guano fertilizer.

Besides the manure fertilizer, if you use our rotating drum fertilizer pellet making machine for granulating, it is suitable for you to make compound fertilizer granules. Meanwhile, when you make compost, if you add straws into poultry waste materials, it is applicable for you to make organic compound fertilizer by these poultry dung fertilizer manufacturing equipment.

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Poultry litter equipment price

Shunxin is a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer. There are experienced fertilizer making equipment engineers in our company. We manufacture facilities with advanced designs. Meanwhile, the products we sell are from our own factory. Thus, it is available for you to get favorable price here.

Besides, the equipment configuration will influence the price, too. If you only want to buy a small-scale poultry poo fertilizer producing line, we can recommend you our small-scale fertilizer production line. Thereupon, the price will be lower than complete fertilizer equipment. And it is applicable for customizing a set of machines for you. It can be promised that the equipment you get are high-quality at best prices.

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