Cow Dung Drying Machine

Nowadays, there are many animal farms. While, the animal waste is great pollution to environment. Cow dung is rich in organic matters and microelements, which is good for making organic fertilizer. Besides, you can also use it for producing complex organic fertilizer. Turning cow dung into fertilizer, it can reduce the pollution. Moreover, you will get great economic benefits. Cow dung drying machine is a key equipment in the whole set of cow dung fertilizer making machines. Equipping with Shunxin cow dung dryer, it can help you dry the pelleted organic fertilizer. And it is applicable for using dry cow dung as tissue culture.

Why should you use a cow dung drying machine?

As we know, cow dung can be used for fertilizers. There are 14.5% organic matter, 0.45% N, 1.25% P, 0.15% K, which are good for plants. Shunxin cow dung dryer can help you make cow dung available. With this machine, the organic cow dung manure pellets you get will be more convenient for you to transport and store. Besides, if you use it for drying fresh cow dung, your cow dung can be kept for a longer time. Generally, it is widely used in an organic fertilizer production line.

Cow dung drying machine
Cow dung drying machine

Cow dung drying machine for sale

Model: SXHG-2222

Power: 37kw

Capacity: 8-16t/h

Rotating Speed: 5.5(r/min)

Installation Angle: 3°-5°

How can you use a cow dung drying machine in organic fertilizer production line?

In an organic fertilizer production line, a cow dung drying equipment is mainly used for processing the pelleted organic cow dung manure fertilizer. Generally, you can equip with a cooler machine for getting better pellets.

After the granulation, the cow dung pellet will have high moisture content and high temperature. It is time for you to lower the moisture content and high temperature. Because the high moisture content makes pellets easy to be wear. Moreover, the high temperature is not suitable for you to fertilize, store or pack.

A cow dung drying system can dry your cow dung pellets for lowering its high moisture content. After the drying, the water will be attached to pellets. And then you can use a cooling machine for cool them. Using this machine, it can not only lower the temperature of organic cow dung manure pellets, but also take the water away.

After these processes, your cow dung manure granules will be harder. So that you can transport and store them conveniently with ease.

Cow dung dryer
Cow dung dryer

Cow dung dryer for sale

Model: SXHG-1515

Power: 11kw

Capacity: 4-6t/h

Rotating Speed: 6(r/min)

Installation Angle: 3°-5°

How can you operate a cow dung drying machine?

  1. Using a belt conveyor or bucket elevator for transporting fresh cow dung into the hopper.
  2. The cow dung materials will flow into the feeding port through a feeding pipe. For your information, you had better make the pipe oblique, so that the materials can flow into the cow dung dryer easily.
  3. The drier cylinder is a little oblique. You feed materials from the higher side. While, the hot air will be sent from the lower side.
  4. The cylinder is rotatable. The wet cow dung materials will be flow into the lower side because of the rotating cylinder and gravity. During the flowing process, the hot air will dry wet cow dung well.
  5. There is a lifting board inside cylinder. It can increase the surface of materials and hot air. Thus, the drying efficiency will be higher. And then the dried cow dung will be out from the discharging port.

For your information, it will be better for you to equip with a cyclone dust collector.

Detailed structure of Shunxin cow dung drying equipment for drying fertilizers

What are the applications of cow dung drying machine?

A cow dung drier equipment can dry the cow dung materials, whose moisture content is about 65%. After the drying, you can get low moisture content cow dung, about 13%. Then, where can you use it?

For your organic fertilizer production plant

If you have an organic fertilizer production plant, this machine can help you process your cow dung manure fertilizer pellets well. Using this machine, your pellets will be more convenient for transporting and storing. For your reference, Shunxin has whole set of cow dung fertilizer pellets making machine for you.

Shunxin manure fertilizer drying equipment installs for our customer’s plant

For your cattle farm

If you have a cattle farm, this machine will be helpful. Using this machine for drying your cow dung, the cow dung will be no stink and more convenient for you to storing. Fresh cow dung has too much water content and smells bad. Cow dung drying machine can dry them well. After the drying, it is suitable for you to store for a long time. Meanwhile, Shunxin dryer uses special design for reducing the bad smell.

For processing fuel

This machine is also helpful for manufacturing fuel. If you use Shunxin cow dung dryer for drying, it will be a good choice for you to use dried cow dung for making fuel.

Cow dung drying system
Cow dung drying system

Cow dung drying system for sale

Model: SXHG-0808

Power: 5.5kw

Capacity: 1-2t/h

Rotating Speed: 6(r/min)

Installation Angle: 3°-5°

How to choose a suitable cow dung drying machine?

There are many types of drying machine for your reference in the market. Choosing a suitable machine can bring you much efficiency. Then how to choose a suitable cow dung drying machine for your requirements? Here are some factors for you to choose a suitable dryer.

  • Drying characteristics of your materials.
  • Physicochemical property of materials.
  • Production capacity.
  • Requirements for material recovery rate.
  • Available heat resource.
  • Environment requirements.
  • Your plants scale.
  • The temperature and moisture in your area.

Shunxin is a professional fertilizer machine manufacturer. A long as you let us know your requirements, we can provides you professional suggestions for help you choose suitable machines. Besides, it is available to customize for you. We can tailor for your own requirements.

Cow dung drier
Cow dung drier

cow dung drier for sale

Model: SXHG-1818

Power: 22kw

Capacity: 7-12t/h

Rotating Speed: 5.8(r/min)

Installation Angle: 3°-5°

How much will Shunxin cow dung drying machine cost?

Buying cow dung drying machine, it is important for your to choose a trustworthy fertilizer equipment supplier. Shunxin has high quality organic manure fertilizer drying equipment at factory prices for you to choose. Meanwhile, we have different specifications with different production capacities and sizes. For your large scale fertilizer drying requirements, there are large size cow dung dryer machine with large production capacity. Thereupon, the price will be more expensive than the small size one. Besides, if you plan to buy this drying system with some other equipment, such as granulator, cooling machine, etc. It is applicable for you to get high quality equipment at discount.

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