Manure Processing Machinery

Manure processing machinery is mainly used for recycling animal waste. Manures including cow dung, horse manure, pig manure, chicken poo, poultry litter, earthworm waste, etc. are rich in organic matters. Thus, you can make them into organic fertilizer. It is applicable for you to use it for your own crops or selling them for commercial purpose.
Our factory provides you both powdery manure handling machine and pellet production line for your different production requirements. Especially, there are different equipment configurations for your large or small scale manure production.

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How can you process manure to make fertilizers?

For your animal farm, it is a good choice for you to recycle your animal waste into available organic manure fertilizers. Here we can provide you whole process for waste manure recycling.

Actually, making fresh animal waste into organic manure, it is key for you to compost them. Only through the composting, the organic animal manure can be available. Because there are much harmful bacteria inside the animal droppings, which will do harm to crops and plants if you fertilize fresh manure directly. While, if you compost the wastes, it will generate high temperature because of the microorganism activity. Thereupon, the high temperature will kill the harmful bacteria such as pathogen, parasitic ovum and so on. About the 30 days later, you can get healthy organic manure fertilizers.

For your information, the temperature, moisture content, C/N value, PH value, ventilation, etc. are important factors for influencing the composting effects and manure fertilizer quality. Thus, it will be more convenient for you to equip with a set of manure processing machinery.

What are the processing machines required for large scale organic manure recycling?

In your large scale animal farm, there will be lots of waste. And if you make manure compost artificially, it will be a large project, which costs much labor force, energy consumption, time and money. Therefore, you had better buy a set of manure processing machinery for improving your production efficiency. Here are some recommendations of manure handling machine for you.

Manure dehydrating equipment

Generally, the fresh organic animal manure has high water content. While, composting has requirements on moisture content of organic materials. With a manure solid-liquid separation machine, you can get well dehydrated manure materials, which is suitable for composting. What’s more, using this machine for dewatering, you can control the finished moisture content of manure by adjusting the machine.

Organic manure dehydrating equipment
Organic manure dehydrating equipment

Organic manure dehydrating equipment for sale

Model: SX-180

Main Power(kw): 4

Pump Power(kw): 2.2

Vibrating power: /

Voltage(v): 380


Organic manure composting machine

After the dewatering, it is suitable for you to compost. For your large scale organic manure recycling requirements, there are compost turner machine and fermenters for your manure composting. These machines can help you compost organic manure materials conveniently and efficiently.

  1. If you choose the manure turner machine for composting, it only takes you time and energy for turning the materials when the temperature of composts is too high. Turning manure can avoid that the high temperature kills beneficial microorganism. In addition, we provide you trench manure compost machine, which utilizes remote-controller for operating and windrow turners. Adopting windrow type compost machinery, it only needs one driver for controlling the machines for moving and turning.
  2. Besides, you can also use the fermentation pot for your organic manure fermentation. This machine can turn your materials automatically. Moreover, its production capacity is large, too. Especially, there is deodorization system installed on the machine.

Whether you choose the dynamic manure compost turning equipment or fermentation pot, you can finish the composting process rapidly, which only takes you 10 days to 25 days. And then the finished compost will be good organic manure fertilizer powders.

Large scale manure turner
Large scale manure turner

Manure fermenter
Manure fermenter

How to produce organic manure for commercial purposes?

In a general way, granular manure fertilizer is better than powdery fertilizers for commercial use. Therefore, for your commercial purpose, a set of pellets making machine will be better for your manure production. And the most important equipment is the manure pelletizer. With this manure processing machinery, you can get high-quality organic fertilizer granules.

Granulating. Putting the composted manure powder into granulators. There are plate granulating machines, new designed manure pellet making machine and large scale pelletizer for you to choose. They can granulate your manure into round granular fertilizers. And you can also equip with a polishing machine for beautifying them. For your information, if there are some manure powder caking, you had better crush them before granulation.

Drying and cooling. Because of the wet granulation, the pelleted manure will have high moisture content and be easy to be broken. It is applicable for you to dry these granules for better transportation and storage. While, the high temperature drying will also rise the temperature of manure pellets. A cooling machine will be helpful for lowering the temperature.

Screening. It is alternative for you to screen the products or not. A screening machine can help you selecting the qualified and unqualified products. Thereupon, the quality of your products for selling will be higher, too.

Packing. For your organic animal manure fertilizer granules selling, you can use a manure granules packaging machine. The automatic bagging machine has many specifications for you to choose. According to your different requirements on production capacity, we can provide you no bucket, single and double bucket packaging scales. They all adopt advanced technology for packing your products efficiently with high accuracy.

Manure processing machinery
Manure processing machinery

How to select manure processing machinery for your own manure production requirements?

Selection of machines for your commercial organic manure production plant is an important thing, which affects the production efficiency. Thus, you had better know your requirements on production capacity, materials and configurations.

Organic cow dung fertilizer powder making machines

The whole set of cow dung powder making machines mainly includes composting equipment and cow dung pulverizing machine. And the screw press separation machine and crawler type manure turners aim for decomposing manure. Then you can get powdery organic manure fertilizer. While, the vertical crushing machine can help you make your powders finer.

Organic manure powder making machine
Organic manure powder making machine

Small scale chicken poo fertilizer pellets making line

This production line is suitable for your small scale animal farm. It can meet your requirements on small production capacity. For example, you can equip with our moving type manure compost machine. This machine can move conveniently. Especially, it will not cost you much. And for your granulating, we recommend you pan pelletizer. This manure granulator has many specifications, whose smallest size is suitable for lad use. Besides, our patent organic manure pelletizer can be used for your 1 ton per hour organic fertilizer pellet production.

Small scale turner machine for chicken manure fertilizer processing
Small scale turner machine for chicken manure fertilizer processing

Large size organic poultry litter processing equipment

For your large size poultry litter fertilizer production, there are wheel type trench turner equipment for you. What’s more, equipping with our rotating drum poultry litter pellet processing machine, it can meet your manure production with large production capacity. Besides, it will be better for you to equipping with the crusher, dryer, cooling machine, screening equipment and the double bucket packing machine.

Besides these equipment configurations, we can also customize for your according to your own production requirements. As long as you provide you detailed information about the manure processing, we will try our best to provide the best resolution and even design for you.

Wheel type manure turner
Wheel type manure turner

Litter to manure making machine cost

Forming an organic manure recycling line, it is important for you to buying a set of high quality manure processing machinery with economic price. Shunxin machinery manufacturer is a professional fertilizer equipment supplier, which has been manufacturing equipment for organic manure manufacturer for many years. We can promise that our products are manufactured with advanced design and high-quality materials. Meanwhile, there are many different equipment specifications and configurations for you to choose. It is alternative for you to select a set of satisfied manure processing machinery according to your budget, production capacity and plant scale. What’s more, our products are quality-assured at factory price.

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